Posted on Jul 22, 2019

Buying and selling a home can be a highly time-consuming process with a myriad of intricacies that influence the length and scope of the deal. Thus, for first-time sellers, mistakes are bound to happen—especially if they lack the know-how and experience surrounding the process.

Every homeowner would want to sell their house for the most money possib...

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Posted on Jul 14, 2019

In 2017, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) took steps to help protect lenders and home buyers alike against future interest rate increases. Since January 1, 2018, new mortgages are subject to comparison with higher interest rates than the one issued at the time of the mortgage. Homeowners must be able to afford a mor...

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Posted on Jun 28, 2019

These days, we live in a sea of information. “Google” just about any topic and you’ll get thousands of search results. There’s no shortage of information. But, it can still be difficult to get to the facts.

Take real estate, for example. There’s a lot of news available about what’s happening in the national and local real estate market, current over...

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Posted on Jun 12, 2019

Bound by Ethics and Law to be Honest & Thorough.

It is important to understand that in British Columbia, the person you hire to assist you to sell your home or assist in buying a home must be licensed under the Provincial Real Estate Act. One agent acts for the buyer and one agent acts for the seller.

When a seller employs a real estate licensee to h...

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Principal Residence + Short-Term Rentals + Resale = Capital Gains Tax

Posted on Jun 03, 2019

Here is a great article that I am sure is relevant to many as they are making decisions about downsizing, upsizing, investing etc.

Vancouver empty nesters Steve and Barbara’s beloved 3,500 square foot heritage home with spectacular ocean views is now leased four to six months a year while they assess life in a 700 sq. ft. luxury downtown condo. In T...

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Posted on May 06, 2019

Did you know that all Realtors are governed by the Realtor Code - below is a summary:

Under all is the land. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival and growth of free institutions and of our civilization. Through the REALTOR®, the land resource of the nation reaches its highest use and private land ownership its...

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