Laura's April Newsletter

Wow, what happened to March?!  It is already April, but you wouldn't know it with all our snow still around - it is going to be epic Spring skiing for everyone. Our market continues to be very active.  There was a slight lull in activity in January which seems to be the norm for real estate - finishing and closing deals from late Fall and December, getting back at it after Christmas holidays etc.  We are starting to see some great new listings come on, and still many sales. The single family house, and listings under $1M go quickly.  So, if you have questions about Whistler's current real estate market, or would like a specific market snapshot  please feel free to give me a call or send me an email! I’d be happy to provide you with any information and advice you need. I expect with our low inventory that we will see multiple offers and in some areas prices continue to increase - we do need new listings.  By the way, please feel free to forward this Newsletter or my contact info on to your personal or business network if you feel someone you know could benefit from my expertise - I am never too busy to receive your referrals - working by referral is one of my favourite ways to build my business. 

Market Snapshot 
If you are like most potential Sellers, you probably wonder what your home/condo is currently worth.
You may want to know the value of your home just because you’re curious, or because you need to know the financial value of this important investment, or even because you’re thinking of making a move in the near future. These are all good reasons. So how do you find out? Well, a lot of homeowners simply guess. You may hear a friend or neighbour say, “We bought this property for such and such five years ago. So I bet we could get such and such if we sold it today!” 

Unfortunately, a guess is just that, a guess. It’s often wrong - mainly because you don't have all the details of the sale. 

The best way to find out what your home would sell for today is to ask your Real Estate Professional for a Market Snapshot specific to your area and home. This is done by reviewing what similar homes in your area have sold for recently – usually within the last six months – and then, based on that data, and the unique characteristics of your home, determining the value of your property today. 

Would you like a Market Snapshot for your property?  I would be happy to discuss the specifics with you - give me a call or email -

Should You Host During A Viewing? 
You take pride in your home. So, when you put it up for sale, you want to show potential buyers all the great features that make your property so appealing.
But is playing host and guiding buyers through your home a good idea? Usually not.When a potential buyer sees your property – either during a viewing or an open house – the buyer wants to feel free to look around, ponder each room, look at things with a critical eye, and ask candid questions of the Realtor. If you’re there, the buyer may not feel comfortable doing any of that and above all do not want to hurt your feelings if they are critical.  In addition, buyers want to envision themselves living in the house.

So,  playing host, no matter how good your intentions, will likely result in more lost selling opportunities than you will gain.

If possible, always make sure you’re out of the house during a showing. You can run an errand or take your family to the park.